Should You Outsource Editing or Hire In-House?

One of the questions I see asked in photography groups all the time is whether or not they should outsource their editing to a company or hire someone in-house to help them. Since my job is primarily as an outsourcer, you’d think my answer would always be to outsource to an editing company. …but you’d…

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Do You Know When To Start Outsourcing?


One of my audience members asked me how you know when it’s time to start outsourcing. Which is actually a really super awesome question. The short answer is, ‘before you need to.’ But that’s still not overly helpful. So, how do you know? In this post I’ll walk you through how to figure out if…

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Awesome Resources that Make My Life Easier

When I first started my business, I will admit that I was 100% unorganized. Over the years, I’ve found a few things that have made my life WAY easier and help keep things organized. Some of these tools are things that I use on my own, and some of them are things that I use to help myself and my clients stay organized and connected.

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