Master Bug Eater

Hey there, my name is Goober.


I'm a bearded dragon. (psst that means, I'm not actually human. In case you didn't guess.)

I specialize in eating bugs around here. Hey, it isn't the most glamorous job, but someone's gotta do it.

I can usually be found hanging out on my sunning rock in my tank, or hanging out with Beth while she edits.

It's a pretty sweet gig for a lizard, I'll be honest.

Sometimes I need a bath, so I get put in the tub. Baths are alright, I mean, I don't clean myself like some lowly cat or anything so I gotta stay clean somehow.

Anyway, here's a pretty sweet slideshow of some of the shitty photos Beth has taken of me over the years, set to the most ridiculous and overused song in photography slideshow history.

Though I guess it's alright, if you're into that sort of thing.

Ready to enlist some help?

Goob won't be helping you specifically, but she will be keeping me company while I work.