And our unofficial mascot Goober!

My name is Beth and I'm in charge of this circus.

I started Starboard Editing back in 2010 with nothing but a dream and a--- just kidding, that's not my story at all.

I never set out in life with the hopes of one day being a self employed entrepreneur.

In fact, it was just a side gig that I used to make extra money so I could travel and still pay off my student debt (can I get an amen?)

Meet the Minions


Retouching Master

A past client emailed me saying they had a relative that was looking for retouching and editing work.

We exchanged a few emails and some test edits and a Skype later, I brought Alyssa onto the team.


Editor and Blogging Superhero

Holley is the best and she specializes in the simple, clean edit and film emulations.

She's also the master of all things Blogging and Newsletters.


Retouching Extraordinaire

Victoria was a referral from one of my retouchers, Alyssa.

She brings years of experience in high-end retouching having worked for brands like Saks, Prada, Burberry, and more.


Master Bug Eater

I'm just a lizard, doin' lizard stuff.