Retouching Master

Alyssa got connected with me out of sheer happenstance. A past virtual assistant client of mine emailed me saying they had a relative that was looking for retouching and editing work. And I was like, “Well that’s so convenient because I’m looking to bring another editor onto my team!”

We exchanged a few emails and some test edits and a Skype later, I brought Alyssa onto the team.

She’s a fucking phenomenal retoucher, as she’s had almost a decade of experience editing, and has worked as a professional editor for companies like Saks 5th Avenue.

Anyway, I’ll let her tell you a bit about herself:


I took my first photography class when I was 8 years old and I have been photographing ever since.

I started photo editing in college, working mainly on weddings and portrait sessions, and then entered the retail world, for which I now primarily specialize in fashion for e-commerce and online editorials.

I am based in New York City, but one of my favorite things about freelancing is the freedom it gives me to do my other favorite passion, traveling.



I love exploring new countries and cultures, meeting new people, eating ALL the food and photographing everything.

Some of my other favorites include hiking, making lists, cheese, hanging out with my cat, knitting, drinking wine, Harry Potter (the books), sweatpants and guacamole.



Alyssa handles a fair share of the retouching that comes through our door (or rather, our Dropbox account). Trust me when I say that all of your retouching needs are in good hands.

Have some retouching you need to get off your plate?

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