Free Facebook Ads Course For Photographers

Hey there fellow Photographer Friend!

Facebook ads can be so daunting. At least that's how I felt when I first tried them out.

I stuck with it though, and it has paid dividends!

So I wanted to take a hot minute and walk you through the very basics of how to set up Facebook Ads.

This mini course has 9 modules -

    1. Campaigns
    2. Ad Sets
    3. Ads
    4. The Facebook Pixel
    5. Retargeting
    6. Audiences
    7. Interpreting Stats
    8. Anatomy of a Photography Funnel
    9. Top 7 Facebook Ads Mistakes Photographers Make All The Time

And each one will walk you through the basics of setting up Facebook ads, as well as share some insights about strategy and funnel outlines that have worked amazingly well for me.

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  • Where are you at now in your business, where would you like to be, what are your goals for Facebook ads, etc. I'll take that all into account when I make your video 🙂