Want Clients To Stop Ghosting You? Try This:

A few years ago, I was really getting frustrated with the number of clients that would ghost me.

I took the time to create a personable, detailed email response to their inquiry, and poof! they disappeared faster than my will to resist grabbing a pint of Ben & Jerry’s as I walk past the frozen food section.

This got me thinking.

What’s a better way to connect and engage with potential clients? How can I be more personable and seem more like a person and not just some rando behind a keyboard?

So I came up with the idea of making short intro videos for any inquiries I get. Here’s an example below:



There’s a few key things about this video that makes it work:

  1. I use the client’s name.
  2. I talk to them personally.
  3. I reference specific things in their inquiry.
  4. I answer any questions they may have.
  5. I ask specific followup questions (if I have them) to make sure I’m understanding them and hearing them properly.
  6. I keep it very short.
  7. I keep it real; I’m not overly glammed up or polished, I’m usually wearing a sweatshirt (or as pictured here, a bath robe), and for me and my brand, this really works to create a more personable introduction. (Your results may vary depending on your branding and clientele.)

In my experience, clients love it. I am also much more likely to hear back from people that I took the time to really connect with.

I’ve shared this idea with my clients as well, and they noticed a similar trend – clients were much less likely to ghost them after receiving a personalized video response.

Additionally, how many people from your competition are taking the time to make personalized videos for each of their inquiries? If you want a way to stand out to people right off the bat, this is a great way to do it.

The good news is you don’t even have to upload a video to YouTube each time. The embedded video here is a YouTube video, but when I make videos for clients I use an app called Loom. It’s a free video capture software program that lets you record up to 5 minutes videos. Once the recording is over, it syncs to your Loom account and you can send a link to the video to anyone you want.

I’m not an affiliate of theirs and they’re not paying me to promote their product, it’s really a great app for making super simple and quick videos (plus there’s even a phone app as well!). You should check it out here.

Even if clients don’t end up booking with you, this will certainly stand out to them and be memorable.

Want to get your own personalized video from me to you?

Contact me now and you can see how it works firsthand 🙂 

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