4 Objections To Outsourcing And Why They’re Crap

Every so often, I’ll get tagged in a Facebook group when people are looking for a wedding photo editor or a boudoir photography retoucher, and when I go in to reply, the comments always go something like this: “I could never outsource my images. They are my ART.” “I need help with this too, but…

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5 Things Photographers Can do to Avoid Burnout

In the wake of the dumpster fire that was 2020, many photographers face another challenge; trying to schedule 2020 clients into 2021 because of reschedules. Yeah, that really sucks. Back in The Before Times (TM), being a photographer was already pretty damn stressful. Add in a world-wide pandemic, and it’s a shitshow of epic proportions…

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Why Photographers Shouldn’t Edit Their Own Photos

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By just typing the title of this blog post I can hear the collective buttholes of the photography industry puckering. I also can’t wait to get a bunch of angry comments from photographers claiming how ‘real photographers’ don’t outsource, and how it makes you a sham of a photographer if you outsource your photography editing.…

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What NOT to do When Outsourcing Your Photography

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Ok, I’ve been doing photography outsourcing for a long time. Almost a decade, in fact. That’s longer than some photographers have even been in business. Needless to say I’ve learned what does and doesn’t work when it comes to outsourcing, and what you should do to ensure you have a successful outsourcing relationship. Beware though…

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